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I took a Rage to my cage (sort of)


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As a few of you knew, I had to undergo quadruple bypass and mechanical aortic valve replacement open heart surgery last week.  I'm "only" 48, but this was due to side effects from chemo and radiation treatments for Hodgkins Lymphoma 19 years ago.  We (my team of great doctors) recently determined that I had already suffered at least one heart attack although it was silent (as in no symptoms).  Looks like I'll lose most of my bow season and much of my gun seasons (grouse, woodcock, deer, etc.).  I may be ready for PA's rifle opener or NJ's 6 Day deer and bear.  But I will be back hunting for many years to come.


Wasn't sure if you wanted to see the gnarly scars, but suffice to say that it looks like I took a Rage to my cage :):samurai:


Just happy to live vicariously through the rest of my online and other hunting buddies for a while until I'm healed up enough to climb a tree with gun or bow in hand or to follow my Brittany through a grouse thicket in PA.

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Congrats on getting through it!!!  

If it means anything to ya my father was 50 in 1997 and had a heart, was airlifted to hanneman hospital in philly and underwent quadruple bypass. 16 years later hes still going strong! Hes had both corrated arteries done as well as a sleve on a aneurysm under his heart since then. He still makes it to rifle hunt pa every year as hes done for the last 54 years...


Best advice I know...make sure you get enough enough exercise...walk and then walk some more


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I have danced with the Devil twice now and kicked his big red :censored: both times :devil: 


Not sure how many more of these fights I have left, but it reminds you to live life to its fullest and don't sweat the small crap.  Fall is here, find every reason you can to be in the woods or on the water!!!


(and then post about those hours and days here so I can enjoy them with you)

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I'm glad to see you're gonna be ok. There's plenty of time to get in the woods, this year and years to come.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Thomas Jefferson



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