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Scrape Generator's Price Jump


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Last year a friend of mine tried this product and he got very good results, so this past spring I was at Dick's Sporting Goods and saw they had it for $3.00 per package so I picked up the remaining four packs. Then as the season got closer I saw it was selling for about $9.00 every where, and I need one more pack to get me thru the season. Went to Dick's before they had none, looked on line seen it as expensive as $19.00 Holy Sh*t without shipping, or some places they had it cheaper but alot for shipping, well good ole Ebay, $9.00 with FREE shipping!!






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One day Im getting a good video camera, going to take better video of what I do for a scrape..Im not saying by any means that I shoot monsters all the time but I have taken some real good bucks by anyones standards over the years.


I start my scrapes in higher deer activity areas early. I wear rubber gloves, scratch the ground away with my boot for about a 3' across circle  and then use a stick and turn up the ground. I then piss directly in the scrape and then add doe urine over it.. scratch the ground up again and leave it... When I hunt it I always urinate in it and dump regular doe pee in it to freshen it...


starting about the oct 20th.I do the same thing except add the estrous piss....I then use a drag rag and walk in opposite directions FROM my scrape for about 50 yards.. ADD estrous scent to the drag rag at your scape and then walk away...that way the stronger scent is at your scrape.

Ive had deer come in on a string doing this... 

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PredaTorch.com         Hot Estrous Doe and Other Deer Scent, Night Predator Lights

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