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To Check Cams & Bait Or Not?


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I don't hunt over bait, the bait is 80 yards from my stand on private land that I have permission to everything but hunt, but my cam over the mock scrape is on land I can hunt. Now do I check the cams, re-bait, & freshen the mock scrape on Friday afternoon knowing I'll be in my stand Saturday morning, or do I wait to check the cams, re-bait & freshen the scrape after my hunt on Saturday?

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I wouldn't do it until the morning you hunt... I would allow extra time to get into your tree. I carry extra cards with me. I pull the old card, insert new and right up the tree so that once in my tree I put the card into a small card read and then put that into the charging port and I check my pics right on my phone while Im in the tree stand


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