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Ms Grit

NJ Woods & Water 2018-2019 Youth Deer Hunting Contest Donation Page

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I will once again be running the NJ W&W Youth Deer Hunting Contest for 2018-2019.  If you would like to donate a prize to the contest this year, please add your name to the list and I will contact you to collect the prizes as the season nears it's end. All monies donated will be used to purchase Cabelas Gift Cards. The value of those cards and distribution will be determined based on the total amount donated. Thank you.

Paypal Donation Link

Donations received by NJWAW Members:  $480


  • BowhunterNJ
  • Haskell_hunter
  • bushden
  • Lunatic
  • 3Blade
  • Bonefreak
  • Cousin Brown
  • LPJR
  • Ms Grit
  • NorthJerseyMike
  • Anonymous
  • Lemmy


Donated Items:

@Russ 11:

  • New HSS Lifeline

@Cousin Brown:

  • Mystery Boxes


  • 3 Bob & AJ's Archery World Back Packs


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Grit, I've been reaching out for Thunderchicken since the last contest to get the prize to Logan, but have not heard back from him. Do you have a way to reach him? If so, tell him to check his messages here, my phone number is in a PM to him. 

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Just to clarify from LAST YEAR . . .


Logan (Thunderchicken) won an Field & Stream Hang on Stand Donated by DV1

Dylan (Buckfever1974) won an Ameristep Brickhouse Blind Donated by Thunderchicken


Neither DV1 or Buckfever1974 have been able to reach Thunderchicken since then.  I suggest we give Thunderchicken until August 15, 2018.  If nobody has been able to reach him by then, I suggest we have DV1 pass the Hang on Stand to Dylan, but I believe BowhunterNJ should have the final say.

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