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Tahoe Tire Recommendations?


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So I'm going to be due for a new set soon, figured I'd see what others are running on their trucks/SUVs here.

I've had the following so far on my 2004 Tahoe:


- Original Goodyear (not sure what kind, but they were definitely not an "off road" tire, very smooth/soft ride).


- General Grabber AT2s


I liked both the BFG and GG AT2s, but honestly...I drive 99.9% paved roads and highway, so I'm leaning towards a nicer riding tire this time around.

Both the BFG and AT2s were fine on highway, but certainly had a hum/vibration to them.  Not a big deal, but given my riding frequency, I don't need the aggressive tread full time.


With that said, I'd still like a tire that's very capable off road (mud and sand) and in rain/snow when needed.

And I wouldn't hesitate to go with the AT2s again honestly if I had to...they're very doable and a great price point compared to the BFGs.  

I think I've had them on my truck for at least 60-70K now, which is great life.

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I was just talking to a guy at STS Tire about the tires on my Tahoe last week while waiting on an oil change, and he told me to stick with the Bridgestone Duelers that Chevy originally put on there. I have 35k miles on em and tons of tread left, so it had nothing to do with him trying to sell me something. He claims you won't find a tire that gives you both the tread life and the traction of the Dueler. Plus they're the quietest tires you'll find.

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I have a set of Bridgestone Duelers on my Toyota..  Tread seemed to wear out faster than the Toyota Recomended Dunlop tires... Put on a set 1 1/2 years ago and Already they need to be replaced.. The Dunlops lasted for almost 3 years... About the same mileage... I should have known better.. If it aint toyota, it aint worth buying...


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Bridgestone Dueler AT/R's are exactly what I ran on my 2001 Blazer until I had to get rid of it due to rusting out on the bottom. Those tires never failed in mud, snow, sand, or crossing a flooded out stream in Quebec. Never had them slip out on me in any condition, but they are a little noisy at highway speeds. Great tires for sure.

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I was talking to a friend on FB, and he runs a Goodyear up in Freehold. They offer free rotations and brake inspections for the lifetime of the tire if you buy from them...any Goodyear shop will honor it. I usually go to Tires Plus here near where I live, but I'll get charged for the rotations.


My friend is certainly a proponent of buying US made products, so he's pushing me towards the Goodyear Silent Armors. They do have pretty solid reviews, and their All Terrain Adventure looks pretty good as well...but will probably be a bit too rough for highway riding (similar to the TA/KOs and AT2s).


I looked at Walmart's pricing and they were similar to his pricing.

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Here's what he said:


Also like I said included free rotation and brake checks for life, free balancing after the initial installation if there is a problem (high speed vibration or if you throw a wheel weight when off roading) and we will check the alignment for free which is important.

Sounds pretty good to me! :up:

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Well I'm going to give the Silent Armors a try...heading to NC and WV at the end of the week and figured I'd do it before then :)

Will see how she goes :up:


Hopefully my friend is good at balancing then :)


I definitely like the TA/KOs and even the AT2s, just want to try something different.

Honestly I would put either of the prior two I had on again...great life and reasonable ride out of both.

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