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Two for tuesday


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I am posting this late mainly because I am still wrapping my head around the loss of my friend falling out of his tree stand. But basically started the day off doing what I love to


do, sitting in a tree, WITH A HARNESS ON, and enjoying my talks with God and looking at all he has to show me. At first light I caught movement from deer coming off the


corn and heading for bed, well, I positioned one of my stands on that path and into one of my shooting lanes the first to show up was a nice looking doe. One arrow and a


criss-cross to her heart and she fell over exactly twenty feet from the shot. Morning over, gutted and dragged her home and off to THE HUNTERDON DEER BUTCHER. As I


thought about the afternoon sit, I remembered that last fall, I had not sat over at my zone 8 piece hardly at all. So I planned a sit over their over lunch.


Getting up to my spot in zone 8, sitting in a different tree, WITH A HARNESS ON, I immediately saw deer, fox, sharp shin hawk, nut hatch, titmouse and a load of squirrels.


Game on I was thinking and enjoyed the views. Around 5 a nice wide (for my third bow buck)6 point strolled in and offered another criss-crossed heart shot and in thirty feet


he was mine. Awesome day afield and I know Nick was smiling down on me, I know he died loving what he loved doing, and hopefully he's shooting


a booner on the other side. God bless and please be safe doing what you love doing.




Paul M. Ross


Coldwell Banker Sales Associate






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Congrats on a nice double..



 That was my plan for saterday.. Shoot a doe in the morning, bag a buck in the evening... Shot the doe in the AM but since i couldnt recover it, i had to watch in horror as a HUGE 8 distroyed my corn pile... :banghead:  :banghead:


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