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Sittin in the Corn


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Thanks guys!

Corn looks great this year!  Is it me, or does it seem a week or two early for picking this year?  I know it's all about moisture, but these cool days with little rain should have farmers out harvesting sooner than later. 

Yes, I agree that the corn does look like it might be early this year. Last year at this time that same area's corn was major green. We did have a good period of dry weather.

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That 8 is going to be nice next year if he lives. Great video. What kind of blind

Thanks again guys!


I rarely use commercial blinds, Jerseyhunter. This night I was am actually sitting on my heels, or on one knee (taking a knee like in football),  a couple of rows into the corn. I have a small seat I usually take with me, but it never made it back into the truck. Hunting this way gives me the whole area to try and ambush deer. Being mobile puts me anywhere they might be. Heavy fence rows, thick field edges, blow downs,etc., have all afforded me many a memory with the deer. I also hunt stands that are in certain spots and use my climber when needed. The trouble is that not all of the areas are conducive for stand hunting.  

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