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Father - Daughter Bear Rug Project - Post 1


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I had this hide tanned because the guy who shot it only wanted the meat and I didn't want the hide to get heaved .  My daughter told me she'd rug it.  Now, I'm more of a machete/maul finesse guy but she's got some patience and an artistic bent, so she figured out how to measure it and ordered some supplies.


Now the bear was skinned by a butcher who had no idea the hide was going to be tanned, so there are a few holes to sew.  We also might use bondo in the ears to avoid having to remove all the cartilage, but I'll see what she wants to do.  We might hydrate it tonight.  My taxi is going to start my rug next week and he was gracious enough to invite us up and give us a lesson on the head and paws part of the process.  I'll provide further progress, if this goes well.

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I was gonna say if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.. nice of your guy to show you a tutorial.
You're gonna need to rehydrate the skin and let it sweat overnight before you can remove the ear cartilage and it will be a small challenge doing so. Bears are tough.
Hopefully you split the ears all the way to the edges prior to tanning. Excited to see the process!

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