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Colt Bicentennial 3 pistol set rare unfired!


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This set consists of a Colt Python .357 Magnum with 6" barrel,

a Colt Single Action Army .45 Colt with 7-1/2" barrel,

and a Colt Second Generation 3rd Model Dragoon .44 caliber black powder revolver.

These revolvers all have the same serial number, have never been fired and come complete each in their own drawer

and a wooden case that locks and has all original books.

only 1,976 sets made!

looking for quick sale, same sets are selling on Gun broker for $5-6,ooo!

asking $4500 obo.

pm for any other questions1887081932_coltbicentennialset.thumb.jpg.7bcccb2536fffa3283f244750e1a2af0.jpg

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On 6/29/2018 at 11:21 AM, Fireguy079 said:

Only issue with the sale is you can only buy one hand gun every 30 days in nj so your looking at a 90 day sale window to the same person. Other that nice looking guns. Glws


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Not true.  You can buy 10 handguns (or more) at one time on one permit.  There is a handgun permit that you apply for particular guns in bulk.  The application has to include all serial numbers of each particular gun you are buying.  When approved, the permit is good for only those applied for and must take all applied for or none of them 

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