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Price For Limbs For A Mathews, Any Idea?


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I love my Mathews Z-7 it's set at 60#, been thinking of either getting 70# limbs or a new bow after the season. So I was on AT yesterday and found a pair of SE-4 camo limbs for my Z-7 the person claims they are brand new and the asking price is $70 includes the shipping, he has excellent ratings on AT, just waiting for pictures of the limbs. Even if slightly used $70 with the shipping seems like a good price?  No doubt alot cheaper then a new bow, and my Z-7 has only been used for two days in the 2011 season and all of 2012 season. If I get the limbs I won't bother having them installed until after the season

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That sounds good to me Joe.


Call Rob and see what kind of labor charges you'll add to the swap.


You should also ask him if there will be any warranty issues with the new "used" limbs through Mathews.

And don't forget to sell the 60# limbs to recoup some of the expense.


Or keep them as spares, or if you decide to go back down in draw weight some day.

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