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McKenzie River Canada trip


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This post will have to be a two parter.  A week from today, I drive from Warwick, NY to butt-you-know-what- Canada for a 12 hour ride, stay in a hotel overnight, and drive another 6 plus hours on Saturday the 7th to Labrador City for one more night before a float plane picks us up and flies us another 1 1/2 hours to McKenzie River Lodge for a fly fishing adventure with 6 of my good fishing buddies.  We booked this trip two years ago to get the best possible week up there for dry fly fishing for huge brook trout, landlocked Atlantic salmon, northern pike, and possibly lake trout.  But Murphy's Law kicked in and this is what camp looks like as of last Sunday.

 We have to land a floatplane a week from this coming Sunday (8th) on that frozen lake. :shock:  In 30 years up there, one local says he can't recall so much snow so late up there.  It's going to be an interesting trip for certain.  I won't have internet access for nearly two weeks, so will post pix when I return around the 17th or so.  Wish me luck! 

snow at McKenzie River Lodge.jpg

snow at McKenzie River Lodge 2.jpg

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Went up to the North Seal River in Northern Manitoba at the end of June a few times.

One year the lakes were still frozen and the float planes couldn't get to the dock at the lodge, they got a small helicopter to get us out to the places that weren't frozen over.

Caught sone great lake trout and northerns.

I thought, growing old would take longer ! 

I spent most of my money on shotguns and fly rods.  The rest I just wasted.

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WOW what a great trip Brian.  Have fun and take lots of pictures.  

And don't forget your snow shovel.  


The pilot was flying in more snow shovels this week. And we’re going to see upper 90s for a few days here in NJ.


On a completely unrelated topic, my business partner just had this wolf walk past on one of our Montana pond jobs. IMG_5591.thumb.JPG.41f192aa2ae797ca6cd27848b3c65c95.JPG



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Just got an update from our outfitter.  The lake will be open enough to land the Otter and there will certainly still be snow at least in shady areas for our trip.  But the fish are just now starting to feed in earnest, so that part is hopefully all good for the week after next.  

I'm bringing my Thomas & Thomas 9 foot 5 weight with a Hatch reel for the trout and some of the landlocks, a 9 foot 7 weight brand new Douglas SKY rod with fighting butt matched to a Ross Evolution reel for bigger landlocks or if we get into lake trout rising to size 4 Hexagenia mayflies (seriously).  I got to fish the SKY rods when they were being developed as the sales manager is a friend of mine and we sell them at Shannon's and it is a beautiful rod and their first foray into the high end market.  And lastly is my 9 foot for 9 weight Loomis rod and Sci Anglers Mastery reel with intermediate sink tip for the one day we chase pike.   Haven't decided on a backup stick yet, but either a Sage or a Winston which would be paired to an Abel Big Game reel.   

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27 minutes ago, nmc02 said:

I would love to do that trip....brooke trout are beautiful 

That's the # 1 fish on everyone's bucket list for this trip and was the trip I had been pushing for myself with these guys.  We researched for two years and went with this lodge and an outfitter out of Maine.  The 7 of us fish annually with my Trout Lout group on the upper Delaware and have for the last 18 straight years.  This is an offshoot off that much larger group and we had to turn away several buddies that wanted in.  Lodge only has 6 per week, but we convinced them since we are friends and far more casual than their normal clients are likely to be, they agreed to accommodate us.  I'm not going to get $h*t done between now and when I leave the house next Thursday to overnight at a buddy's in West Milford.  

Jay, get ready.  And remember that the key with painting brook trout mounts is the "blue halo"!   I'll take lots of closeups.  :)

This place is out there......


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Wow, that looks like an incredible trip Brian!  I cannot believe they have that much snow up there!  Holy crap!  It's gonna be like 100 here this weekend!  Hope everything pans out OK and you get some solid time on the water!  Catch em up dude and take lots of pics!  Looking forward to the trip report!  Good luck to you and your buddies! :up: :flyfish:

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