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I decided to buy a rifle in 6.5 creedmoor. I bought a Christensen arms mesa rifle AND a ruger American rifle as an inexpensive back up. I heard the Ruger was a tack driver. Anyway, had time today so took the Ruger to the range....all I can say is WOW!!!! I shot nosler ballistic tip, 140 grain. The gun cost under 500 w tax. I highly recommend this gun. Far under an 1 inch group at 100 yds. UPDATE......BAD NEWS....READ MY LAST POST.


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11 minutes ago, 6.5 Swede said:

My wife has the Ruger American Compact in 7mm-08.  After her first range session, she said to me with a grin, "I've found my rifle."

We have two of the compacts. Great guns but, very loud.

"The Nation Which Forgets Its Defenders, Will Itself Be Forgotten".

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When I needed a rifle for my South African Plains Game hunt, I bought a Savage Model 11. I could have bought a rifle costing much more but how much better than 6 one shot kills can you get?  I knew I would probably only use it once so I could not justify spending more. 

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