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Looking for Trail Cam Recomendations


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I have to replace a few old trail cams.  Looking for recommendations.  I've read all the "10 best trail cams of 2017" type posts on the internet...looking to hear from an actual person who has used the product. 

I'm looking to spend under $200 each.  No cell phone cams, just old fashioned with SD card.  Good battery life and quick trigger speed are important to me.  Thanks in advance.  

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Got away from Moultrie - cameras were dying after just a couple seasons and they stopped repairing and just started replacing/giving credit with you having to add to the difference to get the newer model or downgrading to a lesser camera -

Went to Browning and 3 years in the woods now and not one issue. I have 3 different Browning Models and all have good pics! Easy to program!!

Got a couple lower end Cuddies that do the job - great pics, but I like a digital display.

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I think there is a post on this or maybe the other site from a year ago that covered this topic nicely.  That said, IMO all TCs are quirky but I’ve had the most luck with Bushnell Essential E2 and Browning Strike Force and Command Ops. Decent to pretty good pictures- better day than night and battery life. I bought them on line on sale a couple of years ago and they’re still going strong.  Good luck.

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If you are worried about them getting stolen check out VMInnovations on Ebay. They have the primos bullet proof 6MP camers real cheap. If you but the 6 packs for $165 plus ebay has 20% coupon that is good towards them. So basically you get 6 cameras for $132 plus free shipping.  Thats only $22 a camera.

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