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Epidural Next Week !!!


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After dealing with back issues over the last 4 years, with physical therapy not helping, I'm scheduled week from this Friday for a epidural shot in the area of C5 & C6.....Two doctors agree this is the best treatment for me at this time, both read my MRI and both said the area of the pain is that of a much older person.....I guess 22 years of scuffling and fighting with inmates have taken it's toll. They told me from the time arrive till I leave will be maybe a total of 2 hours, they did say I should have someone drop/pick me up......It's only about 2 miles from me, so the wife will do it

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How’s your weight?  

Bingo, best thing for your back is to minimize your front(belly) then to build the surrounding muscles on your back. I had back surgery when i was 26, i think i am in better shape today than i was at 26 due to the commitment to strength/flexibility training of the muscles around the affected spine area

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Good luck!!  My pal who is elderly has had good luck for many years w his bad back by drinking a glass or 2 of that Knox glucosamine gelatin supplement. He swears by it!!  If he misses a few days without drinking it, he said he starts to feel his back pain. He is 76 and lives a very active, sporting lifestyle.....and grows Christmas trees on his farm, which is not easy work. 

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Just now, Batsto said:

Good Luck Man! Maybe Chris Christie could wrestle with those lovely jail birds while you recover. He needs some workouts. 

I would do nothing if it was him or Murphy.....Ok I would do something, grab some popcorn:popcorn:

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