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America's addiction, Coffee... What do you love/hate?


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My go to coffee that I enjoy is a fresh cup from Quick Check (usually extreme caffeine) on the way to work. For home, I like Maxwell House pods in the Keurig.  Also like Dunkin' Donuts non sweetened brews. All good. 

A friend at work swears by coffee he orders from Black Rifle Coffee Company, owned and operated by veterans. 

What is your cup of choice and what do you stay away from? Also who here has patience and grinds? 


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I am not too picky when it comes to coffee. I like DD and local bagle shop coffee with half and half and one sugar. I'll usually drink an Espresso after a restaurant meal.

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The reason why I thought about this thread is that a new kid at work tonight asked if I wanted to try one of the "Grinds" coffee pouches he just bought. I have to say, I literally love it! I am not a fan of dipping or anything detrimental near the gums, but for a quick shot of caffeine they taste great. I am looking into them to see the pros and cons..I attached the link to them below.....


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