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Cheddar Horseradish Crusted Fluke


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Been saying I was going to try it and finally did. Mixed  garlic, parsley, black pepper and a little onion powder. Coated the bottom of the dish then crushed cheddar horseradish chips on the bottom then laid the fillets on it. Brush on the butter mix on top then crust the top with more chips. Put in the grill on medium till chips started turning brown. 

Turned out pretty good. The last picture shows the nice brown crush on the bottom (fillet turned over)20180624_194436.thumb.jpg.a43ad920d54f276ccf327eabc51e817f.jpg





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7 hours ago, BowhunterNJ said:

I was laughing at the people on the bridge saying "why did you throw it back?!?" or "don't you eat those?"

Hope you will be up for going again next year again and maybe more than once

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6 minutes ago, Rusty said:

Where's the veggies?


Just kidding, that looks great John.  

But seriously, you need to eat your vegetables.  

I love vegetables but i was out and got home late so i had to make a quick meal. My wife don't eat fish :shakehead: so it was for just me so it was Fluke ,Fluke and Fluke..Works for me

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