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My new elevated blind..


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Ad said "free if you haul it away" .. 1 hr away.. worth it ..

replaced some lumber that was rotten and reassembled. Took a day and a half, but I'm really hoping to outsmart these backyard bucks come November :)


This is right on the edge of my clovers and my hinge cuts.


Challenge accepted!!


Will be a great spot to take my 3 yr old niece to quietly sit and watch the deer.. and my daughter in a few years, especially once the hinge cuts really thicken into prime bedding area..20180624_174857.jpeg


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Fast forward a few years-- mom when is daddy getting out of my playhouse so me and my friends can go play? And--Daughter finally gets to play in her playhouse and tells daddy. There was this big deer with stuff on its head that walked right past us playing today daddy. Jay checks cam and sees that 170" deer he was hunting all season within touching distance of the swing set. LOL. Remove it now Jay before you have those regrets. LOL. Congrats again on your baby-- and much better trophy then any deer.

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