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Acorns anyone

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Was up at one of our properties yesterday to check on the 2 acres of seed we planted and everything is coming up nicely . Also started a couple of mineral sites up that I am way late on . Traveling a field edge I was checking both red and white oaks out was happy to see acorns starting on both already . Will come back next week and fertilize the oaks that are producing . 





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23 minutes ago, toxo said:

Hi Russ 11,

What due you use to fertilize the Oaks and where do you get it?


Toxo , I just use an all purpose fertilizer like 10-10-10 or 13-13-13 .  You can get it at any garden center , Home Depot , feed stores usually carry it .  Just spread it by hand around the tree on the drip line of the outer branches .  :up:


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