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Any New Hunting Purchases Before The Season?


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I was thinking what can I treat myself to, and honestly I have everything I need for now, I did purchase a crossbow back in January, and now I have zero desire to even use it, but I have it just in case....Firearms I don't need any since I have plenty for all situations, new compound nope mine is only 3 years old.......I don't need no hunting stuff, I need to see Dr. Phil:shock::shock::shock::shock:

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19 minutes ago, rackemup said:

I'm waiting for the new Tactacam 5.0 to be available, its on backorder till August 1st. It'll be the 1st camera Im bringing in the woods to film hunts. I'm pretty excited to give it a shot!!

The camera works great in the bedroom as well 


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I'm waiting to pull the trigger on a FoxPro Hammerjack. Now that I'm into crow hunting, I now have three uses for a good e-caller (predator season, Sept. goose, crow) so I want to upgrade a little bit to this Hammerjack from my older WildFire 2/BlackJack decoy combo. I even already bought one of these things that should work with it - Flap-n-Flocker - should drive the crows crazy when it's in the middle of my 6 Boondocker Flockers decoys I already have :happy: 

I'm not looking to spend $400 or $500 for those really high-end callers. I don't really want to spend $300 - I'm just waiting on a sale - I have some Cabelas gift cards, they usually have a good coupon (50 off 250 or something like that) that I'm waiting for them to come out with again. Though I see FoxPro themselves is having a free-shipping deal going on right now. Just have to pick the right sale to get a good deal.

I dunno what I'm gonna do with my current WildFire 2 and BlackJack decoy if  I do get this Hammerjack ... I might sell the old caller/decoy. Not sure if I'm gonna sell it or not, but if anyone would be interested in it, that's just a heads up. 

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I don't know if this qualifies as a hunting purchase but I've been saving for a new Savage 110 Tactical, left handed and chambered in 308. Not sure yet what I'll top it with but my guess is that I'll need about $2k for the gun, rings, and scope.  At the rate I'm saving, I don't think I'll have the money before hunting season starts though.


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33 minutes ago, Bad64chevelle said:

Looking to pull the trigger on a new Browning X-Bolt for my Maine trips . 

Bought an xbolt western hunter early this year and its a sweet gun. I wish i spent the extra $400 on the hells canyon to get a heavier barrel but imo browning always had slender ones.

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