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need more of these videos - field to plate

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Gordon Ramsay taking a hog off Fort Benning ($40 bounty per hog?!) - hunted (well, in the end, trapped), harvested, field dressed, butchered, cooked, and then plated and served to some troops. I need more of these videos. Looked delicious to me.

Notice after it's fully skinned how his switch goes off - flips from amateur to pro - "with the skin off, it becomes recognizable as a mountain of amazing cuts of meat" - and starts expertly butchering :)    


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Very cool. 

Can you give details on your trip. Cost?  Travel? Outfitter? 

I'm in South Jersey. Wanna do a trip (days drive , less than 10 hours) for a pig or two. Bottom dollar budget. Haha. 

Got an AR or 2 that I wanna smack some critters with. 


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