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Gold Tip Hunter Pro 400 Arrows


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Folks, I have a dozen Gold Tip Hunter 400 arrows, 28 1/4" length, 2" Fusion vanes, with high visibility wraps for sale. The arrows are basically new with the exception of being shot once into a block target. All were spin tested and are broadhead/hunting worthy. Absolutely in pristine condition. Only reason I am selling them is that I am relocating out West (northern Colorado/southern Wyoming area) in the next few weeks and have opted to go with a slightly different archery setup. For a quick sale I'd like to get $115 for them. I can meet somewhere in the southern Jersey area. PM me if you are interested and have any questions. Thanks




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NJ22s,  the first batch I purchased  a few  years ago had the green GT emblem on them. Since then Gold Tip went with the gold color emblem ( Cosmetic change. I guess GT thought they'd look cooler). Same arrows.  The green ones are LNIB, never hunted just shot once into a Block target  after fletching them.  I can throw in a 1/2 doz. "practice" 400s at no extra cost to make it your while but you gotta pick them up by end of this coming weekend. The U-Haul truck is being loaded and heading out West next Tues.. PM if you're interested. Thanks

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