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Jalapeno Pepper poppers wrapped w/bacon


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A family member made these for Father's day to go along with a bunch of T-bones and I was hesitant as I am not a fan of spicy Jalapeno peppers. I absolutely love them so much that I have made three batches since the weekend and they are awesome.  Simple to make and I may whip up a bunch on the W&W get together on the 14th to include with the menu.....

1) Cut peppers in half

2) Clean out every seed inside to eliminate the bite, leave it you like them hot...

3) Fill with cream cheese of your choice. I used smoked salmon cream cheese...

4) Wrap with bacon and put in the oven at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. 

5) Done, enjoy...They are "Sofa king" good. ;)….Yes, say that fast. That is how good they are! :rofl:

Not the prettiest pic, but delicious.....**Little tip. DO NOT wipe your eyes after cleaning out the peppers. Just sayin'...……………………..thumbnail_Resized_20180620_231308_4991.thumb.jpg.1b35097ef32b3ae5c5ed660b79f59eab.jpg


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Looks GREAT!  I saw a similar recipe on here for venison poppers and made them for Christmas last year.  They were a big hit.  Chunk of venison, dab of cream cheese, jalapeno slice on top, wrapped in bacon and held together with a toothpick, and pop them in the oven.  The smoked salmon cream cheese sounds great though.  I need to give this one a try.

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