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Tieing some red salmon rigs

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Well it’s almost that time again, I’m heading back to the Kenai River on July 8th for 7 days of fishing, but will be there for 10 days I’ll be going with my Dad, brother, and good friend.  I went 2 years ago and plan on going every 2 years until I get to old to go.  We are going to be doing 3 days of kings, 2 halibut trips, 1 river sockeye trip, and 1 flyout bush trip. Amongst with that everyday after our trips we will be fishing for sockeye since we are on the river.  Last night I started tieing sockeye rigs for flossing. I will attach pictures once I get home tonight. 

"Your short on ears and long on mouth"

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3 hours ago, nmc02 said:

Thanks I just saw this and reached out to the guide.  He said don't worry the closure is above the bridge where we are fishing.  We will be down to single hook fishing with no bait.  This downs bother me because we mostly drift fish instead of back trolling like the majority of the guides do.  We played them 2 years ago.








"Your short on ears and long on mouth"

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