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Looking for Affordable Moose Hunt Recommendations

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Ok so I’m looking to knock off some of my buck list hunts.... I have a Brother in Colorado who will help me accomplish getting an Elk. I’ve gotten black bear and whitetails a bunch of places. I got a nice Mule Deer and pronghorn on a DIY In Wyoming. Now my bucket list has been whittled down to a brown bear and a moose. At this point I really want to target moose. I’m on a limited budget (which means being affordable will be easier to sell to my wife) and I am planning more for 2019 then anything and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I do not need a giant just a respectable representation of the species (and yes I know there are multiple species of moose) with some adventure to the Hunt because that truly is what I enjoy more than anything. Open to recommended outfitters or DIY plans.... Thanks in advance guys!

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Eastern Moose hunts such as Newfoundland are the most economical. The further west you go , the more expensive the moose. $5000 to $7000 will put you probably in Alberta area.  A few thousand more will get you into BC. Deep pockets gets you into Alaska and the Yukon. 

I did a moose hunt a few years ago in British Columbia it cost me around $12000 door to door. 

For Brown Bears, the most economical hunt I found was with a guy by the name of Justin Johns with North Alaska expedions.  I did the hunt 2 times and it cost around the same as my moose hunt. 

The hunt was on Admiralty Island in SE Alaska. You could expect a good representative Bear in the 8 to 9 ft range. If you want a bigger bear head to Kodiak or the peninsula for probably almost double the cost. 


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Get on cancellation lists with some reputable hunting consultants.  I moose hunted Alberta and Newfoundland.  I hunted Alberta for under $5000 all inclusive including flight on a cancellation hunt.  It was self guided but you need a guide in that province which only meant I was staying with a registered guide at camp.

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