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Any Home Security Guys on Here?


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I'm thinking I'd like 4 to 5 security cameras mounted to trees / my shed / my gazebo watching all facades of my house.  Given that they might be somewhat distant from the house, can they still be wireless (if there is such a thing) or do they need to be hard-wired?  I am not averse to trenching through my lawn if required and I can afford a system.  Thank you.

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2 minutes ago, LittleM said:

30-40 feet+/-.  Thinking they might be to far for wireless and/or clarity of pics.

That’s not bad at all. If you look on Amazon there are a lot of really good quality camera systems that are completely wireless but the battery life aren’t the greatest. I’ve personally seen the Arlo cameras and they have great video/picture quality but are quite pricey. Do you have power to the shed or gazebo?

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Trench it if possible.  Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable no problem going 250 ft per run. If you need to go further they do make POE extenders you could stretch it to 500 ft.  If need be you could stretch it to 700 ft with a high power POE switch. 

We use a lot of Hikvision cameras for our residential, commercial and industrial customers with systems as small as 1 camera to 100 + cameras. 

They sell some kits with cameras and nvrs starting around $500 to around $1200 with 4 to 6 cameras. 

Wireless cameras limit you to distance. To get a good night time shot you need a camera with IR illumination. 

A wireless cam with Ir will kill batteries fast. I havent seen a wireless camera I would install for a permanent solution. 

You can probably find the Hikvision kits online maybe @ Amazon or BH photo. If you have some basic networking skills, you can install it on your own


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I will second Tcookss recommendation on HIK Vision.  The pricing can be very good on these "if you know a guy".  I recently got an 8 channel 2 TB system with 6- 5MP IR cameras.  Thank god when I did the demo at my house I ran random CAT 6 in every room and a half dozen from the attic to the basement for future use....  


This is the kit I got for less than $700


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No Cameras but my setup is Motion Sensor Day Night Controls Lights. 5 in all toll 2 Hardwired 3 Solar. The one on my Shed furthest from the house 3 head Solar Led lights up my backyard like Yankee Stadium.  2 are Low light than high when motion is detected.  All LED Don't know much about Cameras but lowes and H-D sell complete setups of them. 


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