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Activist Approaches Fisherman


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Ok I watched most of it.  #1 - the cop needs to lose his badge. A law abiding citizen was harassed, and he was by end of video sympathizing with the harasser telling him to keep up the good work.  COWARD.     

#2 - wow what an analogy - imagine taking a pet dog, putting a hook in it's mouth and tossing it in the water then holding it under until it drowns, is the same as hooking a fish in mouth, and letting it suffocate in open air...

Well sh@t, they got me on that one - I am never fishing again!

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The cop should have been detached from the situation and upheld the law.  It was harassment and they should have been sited.  They had no right to touch his property.  My understanding that the wildlife are state property (at least in Jersey) and fishing is legal. BTW, X2 the cop should be reprimanded at least. 

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Just watched the whole video.  Im utterly disgusted.  Cops should have called fish and game warden.  The fish was the guy's food MORON......you take food out of my or my family's mouth, you bet you are guna get a beat down, and thrown in the lake with the gators.  The activists had planned the encounter....everyone, all 9 of them, just happened to have their group's shirt on and everything was happen to be caught on video....their 9 yr old lecturing the fishermen about hooks in fishes mouths, C'mon Man!!!!  I also like how the fisherman's kid did not get upset about the yelling and the altercation, but the activists kid was crying and will probably have nightmares.

BTW.....was that a fricken 2 lb Tilapia!?!?!  .....at 15:30 of the tape

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