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Kudos to BSA Optics for standing behind their products. I purchased a 22 Sweet from a member here about 2 years ago and the crosshairs rotated inside the scope. So, I email BSA customer service and they email me back the next day saying to ship it back to them with a check for 10 bucks to cover shipping and they will replace it, no questions asked. Well sure enough a brand new scope came in the mail today!


Not too many companies will stand by their products this way anymore so if you're in the market for a new scope give them a look!





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BSA customer service is great too bad their products are not.  BSA has replaced every scope I ever bought of theirs.  Some of them multiple times.  I had a few platinum and contender target scopes (their top of the line stuff at the time) that all went belly up.  One of the replacement scopes they sent me lasted all of 6 rounds at the range before the reticle turned with the power ring.  I called them up and bitched and they informed me their eurpoean line (the catseye series) was built different and would withstand recoil better and not have the rotating reticle issue so I sent them all the scopes I had and they replaced all of them (I think it was 4 or 5 at the time) with the catseye scopes.  I honestly haven't had any problems with the cats eye models.  I have one on a 243, one on a ML and one I just took off of a 17hmr.  I would never buy another BSA scope based on the track record I've had with their stuff going bad.  I had one go bad on an out of state hunt.  I tried to zoom in on a deer that was about 200 yards away and the power ring bound up then the reticle started to rotate.  Good thing I had another gun with me to finish out the hunt.

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