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My grandson's first pickerel !!


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I took my grandson out yesterday on my canoe...(which hasn't see the water in 15 years)....I pulled him on my kayak wheels about 1/2 mile to a local river.......very slow with worms and a float with almost no hits at all.      I was casting a spinner bait and hooked a nice pickerel and handed the pole over to him...  He did a great job fighting it and land his biggest fish in his 3 years ..........One proud grandpa !!!



Danny V



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11 minutes ago, Buck154 said:

Great timing on the picture :up:

I wish I could take the credit on the "timing".....but actually,  I was taking Go Pro video of him fighting it, and paused the video and took a picture of my computer monitor with my cell phone.....cheating.....but it worked !! LOL........I had no clue how to copy and paste the paused video image......UGH......LOL

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