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double tree stand cushion replacement

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Friend of mine is going to let me hunt out of a double tree stand on his property that he hasn't used in years. I went over there today to scout out the spot and make sure the stand is in good shape. Everything is good except the seat and back cushions need to be replaced.

Anyone have recommendations on seat cushion replacements for double tree stands? I looked up and found some are over $50 and $60!!! :shock: I'd just bring a pillow rather than spend that much on a seat cushion :)

There has to be some that are a lot cheaper than that. I'm not looking for the Mercedes Benz of seat cushions, just something between my butt and the metal seat is good enough for me. 

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I had the same thing happen and don’t typically like the standard treestand cushions. They tend to really bother my tailbone. I bought a cushion just like this one. It’s not the absolute best but definitely better than the standard seat cushion IMO. I also don’t leave the cushion in the stand anymore. I carry it in with me every hunt. 


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