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Can’t open locked car


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My son lost both remote equipped keys for his Honda Civic so the only key I have is the 3rd, none-remote key. He had problems for several days with locking the car with the key and with the inside lock button. Of course he didn’t say anything about any of this and when my wife took the car, she locked the door from inside before closing the door, and now I can’t unlock it. The key does not work and the unlock button on the inside of the door does not work as well, I tried and no go. Of course I just bought the car, after leasing it for 3 years, so I am sure I have no warranty. Any ideas on how to open this car?

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Some cars have a backseat release button in the trunk. You should be able to use the key on the trunk (unless if it’s the gray valet key, they usually don’t work on the trunk) and check for a seat release. Climb in and unlock the doors. 

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If you go to a dealership with your vin they may be able to help. I lost my truck keys in the Maine wilderness about ten years ago. I copied down the vin on my inspection sticker and got a ride to the dealership. Much to my amazement they made a working key in about 15 minutes for about $5. It’s was not a smart key though. They may still be able to help you though.

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