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Hope it's ok...


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I was shooting this morning...drew back the bow and it started to let off (sometimes that happens).  I pulled back again and when I released the bow made a strange slapping sound and the arrow was buried in the ground 10 feet in front of the target.  The only thing I could imagine is when the bow let off prior to the shot, the arrow became partially detached from the string.  I inspected the string and it SEEMS ok...other than there seems to be a...i don't know...what feels like a tiny gap in the serving below the loop.  I don't know if I have time to bring it somewhere to get looked at before Saturday and even if I did, I couldn't imagine anyone would have time to look at it by Saturday...so it's either don't go, or hope it's ok and doesn't blow up in the tree on Saturday.

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Sounds like the most-likely explanation is the nock unseated from the string when you partially let down.


Can you see the gap in the serving?


It's almost a dry-fire, but not quite as bad, since there was still an arrow to move forward.


Look it over yourself real well. Check for serving separations and string fraying or damage everywhere. All around the cams, cable slide, etc.


Check the axle clips to make sure they are still there. Closely look at the limbs and make sure there are no hairline fractures (or worse), especially near the limb bolts and near the axles and if a solid limb bow, the forks.


What kind of rest do you shoot? Could it have been a drop-away that failed? For instance the QAD's can fail and stay up, but they have a safety that makes them fall when the fletchings hit. It will make noise and effect where the arrow goes.


If you inspect it and find anything of question, just post a picture and there are a few of us on here that could tell you if it's of concern or not.


If you find absolutely nothing wrong with it, try shooting it some more. If all your marks are on and everythings hitting where it should, nothing happened. If you're off the mark, you may have stretched the string, or worse. At that point stop shooting it and get it to your bow tech.


Good luck, hopefully it's nothing.

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What started the let off was me...when I was holding, I suppose I relaxed a little.  I kind of figured too that the nock unseated as well.  I'll take a picture of the separation tonight and post it.  Of course this happened days before the opener when there's no time to get anything done....thank you guys

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