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Jr's Yamaha YZ125


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Just got back from North Bergen with Christopher who is on cloud 9. Checked out an aluminum frame YZ 125 with numerous factory upgrades and a PR2 performance motor earlier tonight. It was ridden  little by the previous owner who said it was a hassle to get it to trails because where he was located. Brought it home and he just HAD to ride it a few times in the back before he put it away for the night. The kid is not going to sleep tonight, haha. It looks like he kept up his part of the bargain on the stream yesterday BucksnBows, so I kept my word...Will post some pics when he cleans it up this weekend also...




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Love those Yamahas, had a few of them 125s and one with a stroker  in it to make it a 167 cc....cant kill em and easy to work on.....good luck to your son with it ,.that's a hell of an upgrade from his Honda..now just got to get dad one.

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Since I am at least partly responsible for his getting this machine, what day of the week will you be bringing it over to my property in Sparta each week?  :D


Looks great and I bet school today for Christopher is more like Chinese water boarding than a learning experience as he stares at a clock all day waiting for school to end.  :) 

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This afternoon my friend and neighbor down the road came over with his Kubota and extended the track, created  some cool berms and rhythm sections and did some maintenance on it. (All with the pre approval of my wife, because the track is essentially in the back part of the yard, lol). 

My buddy has ridden for over 40 years and was having a blast making the track bigger, as he has a huge track on his property and likes to run the machine for the tracks. All we need is a good rain to settle down the work a bit and he will be over with his KTM450 and riding soon enough. Attached some pics below. Jr chose not to hit the jump just yet like he did on his XR as he is still getting to know the bike and it's increased 2 stroke power. He usually is in his riding gear but was just playing around testing out the run of the track...









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