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nest with three chicks outside my window

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I've been watching these three chicks grow up outside my window for a while now. Decided to take some video before they leave the nest, which looks like it might be in just a few days. I think they are gray catbirds, but the experts out there can tell me.

Momma and poppa constantly feed these chicks during the day - as you can tell by the video, all I did was wait 5 seconds before momma came and fed them. It's like this all day constantly. I've seen them fed berries and insects. The parents even take out (sometimes eat!) the poop, even as the chick is pooping! True dedication :) But I guess if they want to keep the nest clean, gotta do what you gotta do.

This is literally 2 feet outside my window - if I open the window and take the screen out, I could probably reach out and touch them.







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"Me! And me, too! And me, three! .... Awwwww.... MOM!  Come back!" :) They look so sad when she goes away while they are still begging for more.

And go to about the 55 second mark - the one is getting really anxious! I thought he was going to fall out of the nest ... is able to hop out on the edge. But, he's not ready yet, so he came back off the ledge before he got himself into any trouble. :lol:


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