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Awesome portable home & garden sprayer-$19


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It seems that I go through small portable sprayers for weeds every couple of years, as they do not last. A friend recommended this one to me made by Greenwood, and I was able to pick it up at Harbor Freight. Love it so far. Big 4 gallon capacity and comes with numerous heads. Can't beat the price for $19.00. 



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Just now, TheGreek said:

I’m actually going to pick one up tomorrow unless I spring for atv one they have

I wish there was a Harbor Freight in Northern NJ...The closest one to me is in Parsippany. The back pack straps are comfortable even if you want to fill it to capacity with the 4 gallons....

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I picked up a one gallon size sprayer on Amazon for around 8 bucks, used it twice so far, if I get a season out it I'll be happy. I like carrying a one gallon polly instead of the two gallon metal pump sprayer I've had for 20 years.

Elite Pure...
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