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Tilefishing with Stan Putz

Stan Putz

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Always wanted to try tile fishing, so I jumped on a head boat yesterday and gave it a shot. Good trip, my only gripe was that I lost a couple fish due to equipment failure (line broke on one fish, mate gaffed one OFF of the hook on another, both NICE fish). :banghead: Once I got the hang of the joke they call a rental rod, it was game on. Next time I will buy my own rod and bring it with. REALLY looking forward to trying the fish for dinner tonight, I heard the meat is delicious.





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Catch & release is for guys who don't know how to cook. :cook:

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37 minutes ago, JHbowhunter said:

You will be hard-pressed to find a better eating fish.   What sort of tackle did they give you? What type of line?

It looked like a bluefish rod with an ancient Daiwa reel, and had probably seen service since Captain Ahab was chasing whales. I knew it was going to be a challenge when they handed it to me, the reel was covered in corrosion and needed to be oiled, and the line was heavy mono, pieced together with different lengths and colors....lesson learned....but I did ask about the equipment before I made the reservation, they assured me "top of the line"..:nonono::nonono:. I do enough bottom fishing, they should have put braid on the reel, the only way I knew I hit bottom was when the reel stopped spinning. Took me a while to figure it out, the only way I knew I had a fish on was when I saw the rod tip twitch ever so slightly. They must have made their money 10X over renting that rod. :rolleyes: If I go again, I'll definitely buy my own rod & fill the reel with braid. A lot of the regulars were fishing with electric reels, after a day of cranking 600 feet up, I understand why.


1 hour ago, Stewey said:

Always wanted to try fishing for tile . What boat, how much, how long of a trip, etc.

They said 18 hours, but we left at midnight and got back about 7:30 PM, so that's 19 1/2. The boat was Atlantic Star, out of Wildwood Crest. http://www.jjcboats.com/offshore.html

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Catch & release is for guys who don't know how to cook. :cook:

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