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I'm a caps fan (grew up in DC suburbs).  My dad had season tickets.  In the 80s, 4 out 5 Patrick Division teams would make the playoffs...yet the caps routinely came in last.  When the caps played the Rangers or Flyers, there were more visiting fans in the Cap Centre.  Most games, the most interesting thing was to see if Rod Langway would get his head bashed in or not.  I'm glad to see them finally win a cup.  It's great to see Ovi finally get that monkey off his back.


Take a look at his shirt.  A native Russian showing respect for our flag.


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Not my team but I’m genuinely happy for them and their captain. He finally matured to a genuine playoff hockey player. Up to this point he played in the playoffs like single force, not a team player. This time he he behave like a true champ, who understood only a team, not an individual player, can win the cup. If this team is not dismantled, is see good think for the in the future. The playoffs were great this year!!!!


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