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Any carpenters on here looking for a small side job?

Rutting Buck

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I just built a new deck on my house and cant get the stair stringers cut out properly.  I’m super frustrated and am calling it quits.  I’m in Bergen county and need 8 stair stringer with 3 treads and 3 risers cut and installed. I have done a drawing and all the math.  Pm me if your interested.



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2 hours ago, 3Blade said:

If you can't find anyone let me know. I have a semi-retired carpenter I know that is looking for small jobs.

Mike my next project I need a carpenter. I want to put this on the side of my house. Do you know someone good and is willing to travel.  It can even be those 2 weeks I’m in Kansas  :rofl:



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1 hour ago, Rutting Buck said:

They need to have a riser of 7.5 inches & a tread of 10.75 inches.  The ones I found in the big box stores aren't even close and won't work.

8 1/2 is the Max you're looking for 7 1/2 is that so you can have them all equal?  If you know how to use a carpenter square the formula is on it to scribe The risers. U can also buy and return a Riser of any size and use it as a template adjust as the needed. I Do my own Carpenter work. My deck in the photos is just a small area, the top part is just redone as is the bottom since I had the Spa removed and is near Completion.  Had to fill in the 8ft x 8ft recessed Concrete area with new boards and had to use special Screws.  Give going to say Home Depot or local Lumber Yard 9 out 10 someone will layout on the lumber for what you need. Good luck Share photos if and when. Yes, the decking is 2x6 2x8 used 12 gallons of stain 2 coats. 




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Try this it makes it easier! Couple tips, measure from the top of the deck joists (not the decking itself because when you add decking to stairs it completes the equation), the first step from ground  cut off the thickness of your deck boards going on stairs so the first step is even with the rest. If the ground is uneven (pitches away from the deck you need to find the height at where stairs land not the height right below the deck).  If you don't already have them there are "stair stops" which are brass clamps that go on a framing square set at the numbers you need making it a quicker and more accurate way to lay out the stringer cuts. 

To use pre made stringers from Home Depot is a joke because you would have to build the deck to them not the other way around, bad advise! Sets of stairs are rarely ever the same from on set to the next, even off the same deck.

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