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Time to clean:-(


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This is the worse part of bike ownership and this one is maybe the most difficult and time consuming bike to clean on the planet.
The weather will be good tomorrow, nothing to do so I will be cleaning this thing all day today.
Btw I don't wash my bikes, I wax them. I use Collinite 925 Fiberglass wax and its great for cleaning/waxing in one easy application of all chrome and tins. (What are you using?)

Anyway any good runs with some interesting destination for this Sunday? 




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8 minutes ago, Lunatic said:

It was excavated in my back yard but I  have no prove o ownership:-)

Dont laugh, with a snitch among us, I’m thinking he will report me for inappropriate use of fiberglass wax:-)

This gutless puke & his cheerleading squad can provoke......but when called out to the mat his cyber balls shrink and climb back inside next to his ovaries. 

Be a man, be accountable.... talk to me over the phone if you don’t want meet face to face. Give me an honest explanation why you choose to drag a thread about my dead dog into the gutter?  I asking you to be a man. I can’t message you because you’re a coward and blocked me.....

Moderaters: I know Another  member saw the thread snd he messaged me about it. Perhaps you could message this person and let him tell you what he saw. I think everyone on here would Consider this particular member well regarded.

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5 minutes ago, Bowhunter444 said:

Know how you feel mine takes about 3 hours to do right. I brought some f11 gonna give it a try next time the stuff worked well on my travel trailer FB_IMG_1468009581220.jpeg

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Yep, you have identical nightmare on your hands.

3 hrs is about right but I work on a little section and walk away for a while. 

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