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Well This Sucks


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Ive got quite the dilemma. Im going to be in wildwood for the State Firemans Convention on opening day this saturday. Do I drive home smack a doe and go back or just wait till Sunday evening......decisions decisions lol Regardless, heres an early "good luck" to everyone getting ready and going out on Saturday. 

Courage can''t see around corners, but goes around them anyway.



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Probably better off Sunday or Monday.. For some reason all my spots got awfully crowded all of a sudden... Stands sprouted up everywhere.. Spent most of the week end trying to figure out where everyone else isnt. I think i found a place but i wont know for sure till Saterday when i go out.. May just turn around and go home.. depends..

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Weather for Saturday morning is awesome for this time of year!  Good luck and be safe everyone. 


I saw my zone 8 target buck for the rut recently, so I'm pumped for permit bow.  He's as big an 8 as I've ever seen in NJ and he's either 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 this fall.  I have only known where he is during the rut the past 3 years, but I think I now know where he lives the rest of the year and I won't be hunting there nor will anyone else.  But when he comes looking for the ladies, he'll be in my spot.  Had him at full draw twice last year and couldn't get the shot off.  My zone 6 spot has plenty of does and a few interesting bucks and more spikes and 4s than I can shake a stick at this year.

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