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Favorite place to relax?


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3 Favorites for me.

Watching Sunrise hearing Elk Bugle in Wyoming at 12-15k feet above sea level

When I am leaving the Marina to go fishing in Cabo San Lucas just before we drop the hammer on the throttle. I have fished with the same guys for years and they let me play captain.

Having a glass of wine on the Kenai river in Alaska in at one of my many secret spots fly fishing for rainbow trout.

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My relaxation is sitting in the tree watching the world wake up in the morning (hearing the rustling of leaves from forrest creatures) and watching the world slowly wind down in the evening. Watching the red headed woodpecker pounding on a tree. Watching a flock of turkeys interacting with each other as they feed on by. Watching the deer as they move through the brush. My job knows someone better have died before they contact me while in a tree. Three months from today for relaxation to begin.

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My favorite place is 

1. My home with the wife my man cave  

2. My Treestand KANSAS Jeff’s man cave 

3. The top of Tammany after a great hike

4.  hanging with hunting buddies HUNTING any place 

5. The islands 🌴 with my wife. 

6. Yes believe it or not my office which has allowed me to chase my dreams. 

And the number one place relaxing in front of my computer with a glass of wine bullshitting with the rest of you hard on hunters :rofl:


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There are many places but my 4 favorite are:

1) up in my treestand (prefer early morning watching the sun come up)

2) out on my kayak or boat either fishing or enjoying a cigar and some beers

3) nice morning bike ride with my son (I have one of those trailers that he goes in. He loves it)

4) hanging out at home with my wife and son just watching him be a kid and growing up

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