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Peregrines return to the Water Gap

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I thought this to be pretty interesting: http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/news/index.ssf/2018/06/after_70_years_peregrine_falco.html

One of the world's fastest birds; in power-diving from great heights to strike prey, the Peregrine may possibly reach 200 miles per hour. Regarded by falconers and biologists alike as one of the noblest and most spectacular of all birds of prey. Although it is found on six continents, the Peregrine is uncommon in most areas; it was seriously endangered in the mid-20th century because of the effects of DDT and other persistent pesticides.


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Thanks for that. IMO despite the loss of Habitat and Past practices they have been on a come back along with the other birds of Pray. They Adapt to their surroundings. as Other Wildlife does. When you see them nesting in NY buildings in the City. I see more and more man-made  Nesting stands. around our waterways and Fields that quickly get taken. Spring and fall my area I see the different ones but that is short lived.  This year I see less small Birds, Robins, particularly.  Even my resident Turkeys have dwindled this year from seeing Dozens down to mostly Males  4 to 6 in a flock. Have to see what successfully hatched and survived.  Have to add The Night Critters have not gone down in numbers.  


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Great article. Maybe 20 years ago I was fly fishing inside at Sandy Hook for weakfish by Plum Island when a mourning dove flew overhead. Out of nowhere, a peregrine blazed between me and another angler next to me and whacked the dove midair. The other guy and I were just amazed at what we had just seen. It was like a blur.

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