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Jotul Inserts


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We purchased a home back in March and will be getting a wood burning insert. Currently, the house has electric and gas heat.  During the short time frame we needed to heat the house, we used the gas and supplemented with electric for one floor. It helped keep the cost down by only using one thermostat for the elec heat. The gas does an ok job. Elec does great but of course if we used that as a main source...it would be another mortgage. No thanks! This winter we will be using wood supplementing with gas and vice versa. Cutting out the elec.


We will be getting a quote for a Jotul 550 soon to get installed in our existing fireplace. I wanted to check in and see if anyone on this site works for/or is a dealer or installs these? Id rather give my business to a NJWW member/fellow outdoorsman if at all possible. Located in Burlington County. Give me a buzz if you know of anyone that I should contact and just your thoughts in general.

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