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Gun safe upgrade


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Matt (site owner/admin/person to blame) got a safe a couple of years ago and he started a nice thread about it with some great information.  I'll see if I can dig it up, but hopefully Matt will beat me to it.

@BowhunterNJ - Do you have that gun safe thread handy?

Sapere aude.


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55 minutes ago, BowInvader13 said:




I’m looking to upgrade my current gun storage. What is a decent gun safe, 12 or so guns, that has fire rating and will not kill my wallet?


Thanks in advance


I have a Liberty Fatboy 48. Paid $1000 delivered from Harrisburg show about 6yrs ago. Says it holds 48 but it wont hold 48 scoped. I have 22 long guns in there now and can fit another 10 maybe

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