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Great afternoon Bassing


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4 minutes ago, hemlock said:

Nice john that is a great afternoon. Cool you got some good sized largemouth and smallmouth. I notice you guys catch a good number of pickerel throughout the season too.  Nice!

I lost a big pickerel(4+lbs) at the boat too. I don't mind catching them. I will catch anything that fights

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6 hours ago, MZ7Extreme said:

Nice! So jealous, I hit something practicing for a tournament on the flats and seized up my engine... waiting on insurance, bur wishing I was fishing right now.

On the Susquehanna river or on a lake here in Jersey?  Heard of a lot of lower units and props getting destroyed on the Susquehanna flats when i use to tournament fish

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1 minute ago, Thunderchicken said:

Very cool John!!  Those bass looked healthy! :up:

Yeah the bass are always good and healthy in that reservoir.  Some of the pickerel are thin but are still some big one too. I had one bass i should have took a picture of that was shape like a football, bet it was only 13" but weighed pound and half or more. 

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