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Longbow on the Paulinskill


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No not that "Longbow", but a Long Rainbow, about 16-17" or so.   Pretty fish, other than it had no real dorsal fin (NJ's / Pequest hatchery's finest).  It was one helluva fight, at least 10 minutes in very high fast water on 2lb test, lots of jumping and rolling. Sadly - my best trout this season but was only my 3rd time out as I spent more time on shad and catfish. 

Decided to go within 5 minutes of home tonight around 5:30pm, over in Stillwater, was expecting high water and it was and was also quite stained with about a foot of visibility.   A few guys fly fishing there which I was shocked usually this spot all to myself, but they were struggling. No real hatch, and the high stained water was tough.  I went with a silver weighted spinner with white tail, and had nearly a fish every cast for a while... Covered a wide stretch  but just kept moving and hooking up.  No need to change what was working.  By 7PM the bite died for me, and  tried shimp salmon eggs up and down to no avail - not even a bump.   Was ready to go but  stopped at the slower/deeper stretch (not slow today though) and tried 1/2 a night crawler.   Bam- instantly hooked the long bow and fight was on.        Then caught 4 more on 1/2 nightcrawler in same spot, another one was 15" but hook broke on the 2lb line as I was holding it in water for pic (so no pic) and the other 3 were 12-13 inches.  Then caught a few more on spinners before leaving 7:45PM . All in all landed about 12 on spinners and 5 on 1/2 night crawler, but without question all the biggest were on 1/2 night crawler.   I was shocked could not buy a hit on eggs - usually shrimp eggs are rainbow candy, but with the rain last night (and all spring long)  I suspect the fish that been there a while are condition to eating worms. 

Nice evening on the stream and mosquitos were absolutely  BRUTAL had to keep spraying down.      

That's about it for freshwater for me - hope to get out for fluke/Seabass this summer. 






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Nice job with the rainbows. I am literally shocked you got zero hits on shrimp eggs. They are usually our go to for bows. I will say that the green shrimp eggs produce a fraction of the hits the pink shrimp eggs do though, at least for us....Looking forward to getting together with Bucksandbows and Jr after school soon for a visit to the Flatbrook with the fly rods. 

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