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Second year clear cut growth

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This is our 4th clearcut we did winter of ‘16/‘17 in its second year of regeneration. I had plans to convert this to an interior forest food plot but lack both time and equipment. So we will just allow it to regenerate as we have with the others.


Some aspens coming in.



Some of our throw and grow on the logging road.




White oaks are a no cut species for us, and you can see the new growth that happens once the tree is exposed to full sun. It will do this for several years before producing acorns once again.



The native carex grasses come in quickly with direct sun.



Viburnum love full sun! In the mature forest shade, they seldom grow higher than a foot. I’m 6’1” and looking up at the viburnum here.



All the seed source lie dormant in the soils until exposed to sun.








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Use a handheld broadcast spreader to fertilize those clear cuts and the deer will go nuts.  They hammer maple-leaf viburnum, fox grape, and other plants when they've been fertilized.  I had a coppicing basswood stump which the deer occasionally nibble,  after fertilizing the area the deer literally stripped every leaf off of the entire plant.    

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