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Screen Repair


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:agree: Have done my own forever. Just need a flat surface big enough to set the whole screen on to replace the Seal in place. shown is all you need plus a Razor knife. there must be a 100 youtube videos for step by step. You will FU the first try and then you're a pro.  Plus there are many types of screen materials Colors and Mesh. stay away from Metal.    Note do not reuse the Rubber seal and they come in sizes also get the right size.


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I learned how to do that by smashing baseballs through Mr. and Mrs. West's windows when I was a kid.  :)

Got even better at it one summer in college when I worked in the long defunct Circle Lumber in Wayne on route 23.  I find it pretty easy and the splining tool only costs a few bucks.  Just make sure you have the correct size splines or it will be loose or too tight depending.  

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You'll need a roll of masking tape as well.  Tape the sides down to a table, to hold the sides in place so they don't get pulled in in the centers.  Too tight isn't good either, frames will twist.  I use the glass patio table.  Easy once you do one.

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I did rescreens for years. Get proper tools. Lay flat on deck is fine if your knees can take it.  take a patio dorr for example. Square up screen, roll in a long side, then turn corner and roll in a short. Stay away from metal screen. get solar screen from pfeiffer is great. Pull screen semi taught and roll in third side. keep steady pull so no ripples or bubbles. Finish last side same way. Trim with razor blade.

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