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Behind the scenes -Turkey mount

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Worked on this half strut Turkey mount this week. Tom a few photos of it going together. Still not done. Next pic will be of it completed. Best part of the day is quitting time with my girls:)20180531_143901.thumb.jpeg.70891be528f73ab004336ae4d765c043.jpeg20180531_150734.thumb.jpeg.9bffb51f96b47e8312e368b81c6b0d7d.jpeg20180531_163216.thumb.jpeg.1debe05a7abf315439c22912f1f4959b.jpeg20180601_141506.thumb.jpeg.91bd18d5343ed26a79dc89a6b8451f4d.jpeg20180601_185819.thumb.jpeg.3b9b2bdffb034ff3a46b53f91011fbec.jpeg20180601_192500.thumb.jpeg.b661732a2642f739cbf57209318c9d1f.jpeg
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Great picture

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Always amazed on how your birds look in the 1st part of your mounting process they look like you should put it in the garbage.Then you work your magic on them and they look amazing .You are a true ARTIST. Thanks for sharing and your girls are beautiful

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