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Really Big Bear !!!!


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Went up this morning to check my trail camera, I got a really big bear who has a white chevron on his chest.....It could be the one I had on my camera last year. Also if you take notice in some pictures you will see another bear I assume it's a sow and it was the bear's rut. Also had about 6 bucks on camera in a bachelor antlers just a few inches above the hair line, nothing special









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Unfortunately, hunt not gonna happen 

Don’t be so sure. Murphy is getting a serious lesson about how fish and game code is made and about the role the Fish and Game Council plays which he can’t just overrule

Great bear BHC!

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33 minutes ago, JHbowhunter said:

Hope u get him this fall Joe!

Thank you Jack.....But every year I get a few big bears on camera, and within days of the hunt they either disappear or become 110% nocturnal 

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1 minute ago, Live to Hunt said:

What a beautiful bear.   Nothing like a good bear hunt. 

I agree 110%.....Very hard work when dragging in 100 lbs of bait every week, but the award is well worth it

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I heard Murphy on 101.5 the other day.  It was hilarious!!!


The last caller asked if he was going to stop the bear hunt . His answer was something like” I have all intentions to stop the bear hunt but I was unaware that there is a fish and game council in our state and they really have a lot of power when it comes to hunting regulations”


My guess is that there is a hunt this year.

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