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Super Truper!


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I PROMISE to get this back to you when I see you Rusty...…..Was able to meet up with one of NJ's finest in the customer service outdoor world, Stan from A&W Nature Labs for some more product. The smell in my car is absolute heaven from the minerals and I suggested to Stan that they should put the scent in an air freshener...

Going to replenish some mineral sites as they are crushing it this time of year, and will place some Killer Kubes nearby. Instead of cutting the ginormous blocks in half with a chain saw, used the 6 lb Truper maul (Love this thing Rusty!) to split them in half. They are as tough as a big cherry round which is why they last so long and are sustainable. All going down in front of a couple  Moultrie cameras. Game on, love this time of year for scouting. 





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14 minutes ago, rgw said:

wish i could get it around flemington or at tsc

Just sent Stan what you requested. He said they could gladly send you what you need. He said to email him at


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